Sarah Zediker
working, & playing in Jackson Hole

another great summer with friends & family

A casual hike on Teton Pass with a friend

Hiking near the house with a friend.
day hikes near the house are numerous and casual

I was joined by my old friend Tenoshi the dog for this one

"another beautiful day in the Tetons"

A place to live and a lifestyle to enjoy

Trout fishing then and now

biking then and now

"biking, fishing, hiking, boating, skiing, climbing. It's all here."

Workin' Hard!

and hardly workin'!

We're havin' sooo... much fun!

Even the natives are friendly.

Mom,Dad,Gregg and myself in 2003!

A family portrait,

We are not amused.
skiing with Uncle Gregg and Mom in Europe.

YES! Climbed the fireplace! Next stop the Grand Teton!

havin' fun wish you were here!

with Elvis looking on ... of course!

come on out and we can water fight!

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