Steve Fontanini
metal designer & blacksmith

ornamental and architectual designs in metal

Steve Fontanini April 1999

The backdrop is the drain at Steve's blacksmith shop

We like challenges -
structural supports - custom made chandeliers - cabinet latches - custom made hand rails

"you name it".

"we have even been known to shoe a few horses for needy barrel racers, too"
Steve Fontanini shoeing for a barrel racer

Steve's Iron Work's is located (map) near the confluence of the Snake and Hoback rivers, south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We specialize in forged architectural and ornamental metal designs, ranging from door hardware, hand rails, fireplace furniture, decorative log truss brackets, and lighting fixtures.

"designs of your creation or ours will be produced to your satisfaction."

 Steve working at his forge on a rowing frame for a raft

Phone: (307) 733-7668

fax: (307) 734-8816

hammering metal into just about anything you can imagine

wrought iron railing

wrought iron cabinet latches

chandeliers with your personal brand included


questions about your special needs are
cheerfully answered

completed handrail 
in log house with blowup of details (indian paintbrush and wild roses).

Phone/fax: (307) 733-7668

Gregg Dean - puttering in Jackson Hole